Saturday, November 12

A Thanksgiving Card for You To Print and Enjoy! FREE

I created a pretty Thanksgiving card using graphics courtesy The Graphics Fairy and purchased from ScrapGirls.
I saved is as a PDF and uploaded it to a File Sharing Host (Google Docs).

The link to the Free Thanksgiving Card is here.

This is the first time I have done this, so hopefully it works!
You should be able to print your own copy directly from the PDF file. When you print it, there should be a warning that tells you the file is bigger than the printable area. Tell it "okay" and then print the file without scaling or without changing the size. You will then be able to print the file, fold it down the center twice and have a lovely card to send out for your November holiday! Enjoy!

If you use the card, I would appreciate a comment. Thanks.

Thursday, July 28

Yarn Labels
I made these yarn labels using images from The Graphics Fairy!

Saturday, July 23

Clip Art - FREE!

Arthur's Clip Art - Agriculture Page 5
has several images of sheep farming and wool production you can use for personal projects free of charge.

Monday, October 11

Interesting Article of the Day - Dr. Grandin

After talking to my Mom about how much she enjoyed the Temple Grandin movie, I Googled Dr. G and her Hug Machine. That led me to this odd, but interesting, article about "infinite" machines that allow you to do mundane, but enjoyable, tasks over and over again. Popping bubble wrap is one example.

One a more serious note, here is Dr. Grandin's Feb 2010 talk at TED. It runs for about 20 minutes.

Wednesday, October 6

Making Yarn

Here is my test sample of the yarn I am currently making:

Saturday, October 2

Craigslist Saved the Day

I donated several bags of stuff to MS today. MS wouldn't take my old TV/VCR - they said it was too old!
I posted my old TV/VCR and an overgrown Pygmy Date Palm on Craigslist and by the end of the day both were gone. Hooray!
It was a good day.