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Friday, March 2

I've been doing a bit of work with Barbie sized dolls and I found this Scale Conversion Calculator so that I could calculate 1:6 scale. I Found out that a standard doorway is 6'8", or 80". Using the Scale Conversion Calculator I found out that a standard door in 1:6 scale is 13.33" tall. Unfortunately, the scrapbook paper I have been using for the room walls is 12"x 12".

Thursday, February 22

My friend, Donna, and I just got back from a Burnley & Trowbridge 18th Century sewing workshop: “Turn Thy Hand to Sewing” An Introduction to 18th Century Sewing & Construction Techniques A Hands On Workshop Friday Afternoon Feb. 16th , Saturday Feb. 17th & Sunday Feb 18th , 2018 It was amazing. We learned all of the hand stitches for a late 18th Century petticoat and shift, including stroke pleating. Donna and I stayed up past 1 am doing our homework on Saturday night. If you take a B&T workshop and forget anything, Jim runs a mini shop at the workshop. Also, there is a Joann Fabrics 10 minutes away.
Here is a photo of Angela Burnley fitting my sleeve. Photo by Donna.
Here is the Sunday afternoon group photo showing off all of our work.

Wednesday, February 21

Yes! You can wash your wool!

Wool is a wonderful natural fiber. One question I get during spinning demos is "How do I wash my wool?" Here is a good article with solid info.

Unicorn Fibre Wash and Beyond Fibre Wash

This is my favorite product for cleaning wool and other delicate fabrics. They have information on how to use their products here.

Sleeping Beauty Wheel

Here is a wonderful article on Great Wheels also know as Walking Wheels published in Knitty online magazine Issue 40 First Fall 2012 The Spinner's Glossary by Lee Juvan In my experience, I consider this to be the type of spinning wheel that Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on.

Presenting Mr. Darcy, a Handsome Dachshund Mix

Here is a 2017 photo of Mr. Darcy.